The Medworxx Team can set up a pilot site for your organization to trial the Clinical Criteria or Bed Management modules for a limited period of time. Medworxx will host the Pilot Site and full access will be grated to your organization. This is an excellent opportunity to analyze your current Length of Stay and Avoidable Days based on Medworxx Clinical Criteria and to determine how Medworxx can complement your patient flow strategies. This will also get your team accustomed to the system before implementing across the entire organization.

Clinical Criteria Pilot

During a Clinical Criteria Pilot, the following Operational Reports will be available:

  • Patient List by bed/unit report
  • Daily Action List Report
  • Readiness for Discharge Report

Data that is available through a Clinical Criteria Pilot:

  • Proportion of avoidable admissions
  • Proportion of not-met days:
  • Breakdown of reasons and details of avoidable days by category (physician, hospital, community)
  • Detailed reasons of avoidable days by category
  • Delays in days on discharges and reasons of these delays
  • Potential ALOS
  • ALOS by physicians
  • Substantial Length of Stay detail by Physician, Hospital and Community barrier definitions

Bed Management Pilot

A Bed Management Pilot will give your organization visibility into bed utilization and turnover. Tracking bed occupancy in real-time streamlines the process by eliminating calls to multiple units to determine planned discharges and which beds are available. With Medworxx Bed Management your organization will be able to:

  • Forecast and manage demand and capacity
  • Improve patient flow & care coordination
  • Reduce ED wait times through increased bed turnover
  • Streamline reporting and management
  • Improve resource utilization

Bed Management can be integrated with Clinical Criteria allowing your team to not only see if a bed is occupied but the patient’s clinical status as well.

Speak with your Account Manager to learn more about a Pilot Project.