Clinical Criteria

Medworxx Clinical Criteria software equips care providers with real-time data revealing the reason for barriers and delays in care transitions–for every patient, every day. Medworxx’s unique methodology captures data quickly and effectively and can be integrated into existing hospital protocols easily. Requiring less than 2 minutes per patient per day, Medworxx Clinical Criteria generates predictive patient flow analytics that global healthcare executives and frontline staff are using to transform the patient experience while improving hospital margins, quality, efficiency, and safety.

Watch the video below, Medworxx Data: Creating a Common Language, and hear Hospital Executives share the business intelligence and clinical benefits of utilising Medworxx Patient Flow Software.


How Clinical Criteria is shaping the future of hospital patient flow 
  • Identifies patient location for appropriate admission and level of care and barriers, interruptions, and delays in patient flow
  • Demonstrates the reasons–physician, hospital, or community–for the barrier or delay
  • Establishes evidence-based practices around patient flow decisions 
  • Generates predictive analytics, leveraging standardised hospital data to anticipate trends  
Find out more about Medworxx Clinical Criteria methodology by downloading the infographic.
Learn more about how Medworxx Clinical Criteria optimises patient flow by downloading the brochure.

Clinical Engagement - Click here to download an article by Caroline Russell, Clinical Director, Medworxx, and learn about the reciprocal commitment from staff and their organisation to improve patient satisfaction.