Clinical Utilisation Review

Client Spotlight

King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is one of the most recent clients to implement Medworxx. Download this Client Spotlight brochure to learn more about why they selected Medworxx and how it will support the Trust’s Transformation Programme.


Can you answer these questions for your organisation?

  • How many of your patients are not receiving the right level of care in the right place?
  • Which patients were ready for discharge/transfer prior to being determined medically fit?
  • Can you analyse the variances and whole system delay reasons by patients, service, speciality and individual clinician?


Medworxx CUR drives action

Clinical Utilisation Review is a rigorous, evidence based approach to ensuring safe and effective care. Every patient is assessed daily with the Medworxx Clinical Criteria.  Medworxx Clinical Utilisation Reviews (CUR) has the key to:

  • High-quality, typically unavailable data
  • Assess patients Length Of Stay (LOS) from admissions to discharge/current day
  • Gather a snapshot of your current patient flow performance based on organisations KPI's
  • Evidence supporting avoidable admissions and avoidable excess bed days
  • Specific reasons for avoidable days including:
    • Internal discharge delay reasons by patient, ward, speciality and consultant
    • External discharge delay reasons by Community/ Social Care/ Region/ Postcode
    • Reasons for barriers and delays in patient flow
    • Analysis of bed utilisation effectiveness
    • Recommendations on how to improve flow, eliminate waste/delays, reduce unnecessary utilisation 
    • Clinical Utilisation Reviews demonstrate an average 40% of patients are cared for at a level of intensity beyond their clinical need.


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