Current Partners

In addition to partnering directly with healthcare providers, Medworxx collaborates with consulting and technology providers to help hospitals improve patient flow. 
Our Partners
Canadian Healthcare Management, (CHM) is a Canadian consulting firm that assists healthcare organisations to improve patient outcomes by fostering integrated, quality of care management process within hospitals. CHM partners with teams to develop and implement innovative clinical utilisation and resource management processes at hospitals.  CHM assists client hospitals in reorganising resources and implementing employee-centered programs that enhance work practices and staff attitudes and behaviour. 
Canadian Healthcare Management is using Medworxx Clinical Criteria to conduct clinical resource utilisation reviews and support acute care length of stay analyses at both the stand-alone hospital and regional provider levels.  Visit CHM’s website
ModelAdvice DC Consulting Ltd UK is a British full-service consulting firm that supports the National Health Service, (NHS) NHS and other healthcare organisations. With over 60 years of experience in healthcare process improvement, Payment-by-Results, and PBC program requirements, ModelAdvice works closely with clients to design and implement change through practical, workable methodologies. ModelAdvice is partnered with Medworxx are partnered to utilise Medworxx Clinical Criteria in bed utilisation reviews. Visit ModelAdvice’s website
To discuss how your organisation can partner with Medworxx, contact us.