SAFER Bundle

The Medworxx SAFER offering enables hospitals to track SAFER requirements and Red2Green days as an integrated process in combination with evidence-based Clinical Utilisation Review (CUR) assessments. This approach enables customers to achieve maximum benefit from both CUR & SAFER using a single automated patient flow solution – leading to benefits for patients and benefits for hospitals operationally & financially. The Medworxx solution ensures clear differentiation between inappropriate conservable days of care (CUR) and Red2Green status of patient treatment or service delays, which do not connote a conservable day.

Two NHS Priorities: One Solution

In support of SAFER Patient Flow guidelines, Medworxx CUR assessments ensure:

  • Expected Dates of Discharge (EDD) are reviewed daily.
  • Patients receive a daily evidence-based clinical review to assess need for current level of care. 
  • Capability to continuously monitor patients against Readiness for Discharge Criteria to prevent delayed and unsafe discharges and reduce risk of readmission. 

The Medworxx SAFER solution introduces a new assessment capability which launches automatically following completion of the daily clinical criteria assessment.  This complements CUR by providing a capability to track other SAFER activities, including service delays, to proactively remove potential delays to the patient becoming ready for discharge.


Want to learn more about SAFER and CUR?

Read an article by Peter Ellis, Managing Director, Medworxx UK - Clinical Utilisation Review v SAFER: Are they complementary or in conflict?

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