Forms & Assessments

Medworxx Forms & Assessments is a web-based application that provides customizable electronic forms, assessments, and robust reporting tools. The technology integrates seamlessly with admission-discharge-transfer, patient administration, and other systems and enables standardized data collection. Medworxx Forms & Assessments moves paper-based processes to the web and transforms data to analytics that measure clinical outcomes and hospital performance. 
How Medworxx Forms & Assessments Generate Real-time Analytics 
  • Capture data and clinical evaluations electronically 
  • Aggregate and display accurate data in real-time 
  • Configure any and every data field with ease for custom reporting 
  • Incorporate data from multiple hospital information technology sources
  • Integrate with existing workflow and processes seamlessly
  • Produce highly-focused, customizable reports 
  • Report on historical analysis and trends with graphics
  • Uphold privacy and security with comprehensive analysis features
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